[CentOS-virt] Using STP in kvm bridges

Wed Sep 16 10:15:41 UTC 2015
Dmitry E. Mikhailov <d.mikhailov at infocommunications.ru>

On 09/16/2015 03:02 PM, C.L. Martinez wrote:
>   What advantages and disadvantages have??  If I will want to install
> some kvm guests that use multicast address for certain services, is it
> recommended to enable STP?
STP has nothing to do with multicast as it's an Ethernet protocol.
It's developed to provide loop-free redundancy links to Ethernet-based 

I can't imagine any legitimate use of STP within virtualized environment 
except when BOTH a) you don't trust the person who manages VM's (like in 
VPS providing) AND b) you provide more then one network interface to the 
virtual machine.

Otherwise STP can be used to prevent traffic storm because of malicious 
bridging of vNIC's inside VM.

Best regards,
	Dmitry Mikhailov