[CentOS-virt] OT: adding a wifi adapter to openvswitch

Thu Sep 24 09:14:18 UTC 2015
Dmitry E. Mikhailov <d.mikhailov at infocommunications.ru>

On 09/24/2015 01:59 PM, C.L. Martinez wrote:
>   I will do some tests using openvswitch bridges to my KVM machines. One
> of these tests is to add a wlan0 adapter from comandline but only when
> this wlan0 is associated with a ssid without assign an IP.
>   Is this posible?
Usually it's not.

When you connect as a station to the infrastructure (AP) - e.g without 
WDS or proprietary extensions enabled, every frame transmitted in 
between has three addresses: your station MAC, BSSID (AP MAC for 
simplicity), destination MAC.

WPA(2) PSK encryption is using your station MAC. So if you try to 
transmit a packet with MAC address other than yours, it won't be 
decrypted thus no transmission.

To cut the long story short AFAIK you can't bridge on WiFi client side 
with WPA(2) PSK encryption. But you can using WEP (or no encryption at 
all). Beware - WEP is as insecure as no encryption - it's cracked 
literally in minutes.

You could run WDS in AP-AP mode with the help of hostap suite or have a 
proprietary solution (WNIC and/or driver).

Otherwise you can NAT/route it.

Best regards,
	Dmitry Mikhailov