[CentOS-virt] xen and centos7

Sun Sep 27 17:33:20 UTC 2015
Christoph <mangel at gmx.de>

Am 2015-09-25 17:25, schrieb George Dunlap:
> The code is from the XenProject, which is developed by a number of
> different companies, not just Citrix.
> The XenProject has greatly expanded our automated testing over the
> last few years; additionally, a number of different companies have
> their own automated test suites (Oracle, XenServer), and test the
> development branches regularly.
> The bugs we've found since RC1 have been almost entirely in niche
> cases -- enabling this feature broke that bit of hardware; switching
> this caused that obscure configuration not to work quite right; adding
> this build option breaks things with that particular compiler.
> All that to say, RC3 is pretty close to what the final release will
> be.  The main thing that needs testing is actually the packaging
> effort -- is it easy to install? Does it upgrade properly? &c.
> And the main thing holding up the official C7 release (for either of
> them) is just testing.  The more people install, test it, and say
> "this works for me" (or report bugs when it doesnt' work), the sooner
> the release will come. :-)
>  -George

it works for me since 2 days without issues... only one thing what I 
needed to change was the path of pvgrub :) (from /usr/lib... to