[CentOS-virt] migrating from xend to libxl after xen 4.6.1

Sat Apr 16 16:40:02 UTC 2016
rgritzo <rgritzo at gmail.com>

so i guess i was not paying too close attention and upgraded to xen 4.6.1 before i migrated my domU configurations to libxl :{

i have tried for a couple of hours this morning to find a way to do the conversion in a post xend world, but can’t seem to do it.
I still have all my disk images, and i see the domain config.sxp configuration files in /var/lib/xend/domains/<uuid> but i am not enough of a xen expert to figure out how to migrate those.

is there a simple way to move to libxl now that xend is gone and i did not dump the xml files?

thanks in advance…


Russ Gritzo                            email:  rgritzo at gmail.com