[CentOS-virt] When will CentOS 7.1 become available as an AWS AMI?

Tue Feb 2 12:23:26 UTC 2016
Peter Weissbrod <Peter.Weissbrod at ABILITYNetwork.com>

Understood. I have a software vendor stating that they were not compatible with CentOS 7.0 but were compatible with CentOS 7.1. And after performing a 'yum update' I can see the system moves to 7.2 without any option to stay at an earlier version but I understand the point behind this. 
Thanks even though my vendor hasn't stated that they are compatible with 7.2 I would assume this to be the case.

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On 01/28/2016 07:54 AM, Peter Weissbrod wrote:
> I am in need of some AWS instances of this version.
> There are "community" instances of 7.1 but I would strongly prefer an 
> official release from CentOS team over trusting my base image to an 
> unknown publisher.
> Is there any plan/projection of when CentOS will publish 7.1 to the 
> AWS marketplace?


CentOS 7 is the release.  There are point in time 'install collections', like 7 (1406) (based on RHEL 7.0) .. 7 (1503) (based on RHEL 7.1), 7
(1511) (based on RHEL 7.2).

But these point releases, based on a point in time, are just a picture of CentOS 7 at that exact point in time.  The only way we recommend CentOS is all latest updates installed.  And no matter what version you install, a yum update takes you to that version.  That is why we have only one image listed.

A base 7.1 install would have several Critical security issues, and updating to fix those issues brings you to 7.2.