[CentOS-virt] Xen kernel-3.18.25-18 for EL6 and EL7 (CVE-2016-0728)

Tue Jan 19 23:22:29 UTC 2016
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

There is now a kernel-3.18.25-18 that fixes CVE-2016-0728 (and upgrades
to the lastest 3.18  LTS kernel) for Xen4CentOS users.

This kernel can be tested from here:


and here:


Once we get several tested installs we can move this to released.  For
more info on CVE-2016-0728:


There is info in the above link on testing the vulnerability is fixed ..
see the code under 'Triggering the bug from userspace is fairly
straightforward, as we can see in the following code snippet'.

Reports that the kernel works, and that the CVE-2016-0728 issue is
tested (before and after installing the new kernel) would be greatly
appreciated on this thread.

The following changelogs are also applicable in a upgrade from the
current 3.18.21-17 release and this 3.18.25-18 release:





Johnny Hughes

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