[CentOS-virt] Mouse and display issues with Windows 10 guest

Tue Jan 26 19:51:44 UTC 2016
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

Anyone managed to get a Windows 10 guest running well under qemu/kvm?
I can get it up and running, but there is a major issue with losing
use of the mouse, plus my display resolution is stuck at 1024x768.

The mouse will work for a short time (a few seconds to a few minutes),
but then stops responding. That's with the mouse coming in as the
recommended QEMU tablet device. I can assign a USB mouse to the guest
as a USB host device, but it also stops responding after a short time.
At least with the USB mouse I can remove it from the guest and then
reassign it again. That gives me use of the mouse, but again only for
a short time. Trying run Windows 10 from just a keyboard is an
exercise in frustration.

I can't get Windows 10 to believe that any screen resolution besides
1024x768 is available. That's the case both with VNC/vga and
Spice/qxl. This is in contrast with Windows 7, which offers a good
selection of resolutions with VNC/vga.

Any suggestions or success reports would be appreciated.

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