[CentOS-virt] DomU Guests not shutting down nicely when Dom0 Hypervisor shuts down

Thu Jan 21 09:20:40 UTC 2016
Phill Bandelow <phill at onapp.com>

Try this:

systemctl start xendomains.service
systemctl enable xendomains.service

On 21 January 2016 at 08:48, Francis Greaves <francis at choughs.net> wrote:

> I am using Xen 4.6.0-8.el7 on CentOS 7 with 3 Linux DomUs. I did have Xen
> 4.? on CentOS 6.5 on my previous system. I installed using  yum install
> centos-release-xen.
> On shutting down the Hypervisor it used to wait for the DomUs to shut down
> gracefully (one can take a minute or more), then on starting up again it
> would restart the DomUs, all nice and controlled.
> For some reason the DomUs (CentOS or Ubuntu servers) are not shutting down
> nicely when the Hypervisor is shutdown, and not restarting. I have the cfg
> files in /etc/xen/auto so they should start up.
> If I forget to shut down the DomU guests then the shutdown hangs.
> I am running this on a Dell Poweredge T430 by the way.
> Any ideas why, and how to cure this?
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