[CentOS-virt] I would like to verify what are the available options for RAM storage.

Sun Mar 13 21:29:33 UTC 2016
Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at ngtech.co.il>

Hey All,

I am not sure what the status of the current technology in the market 
and was wondering if it would be fine to ask specifically here.
I am using KVM for a time now and it's great but I have couple doubts.
When I am running a test on a specific VM it's mostly on 10k SPINNING 
disks and they seem to survive like forever now(years...). But I need to 
run tests on RAM only.
Until now what I did was to create a tmpfs, shutdown the VM, move the 
disk image to the tmpfs, change the disk location on the VM settings and 
then turn the machine on again when it's on RAM(I cannot 100% control 
swap since it's the kernel doings..).

I am considering what to do next and the options are:
- automate the process of migration from one storage to another
- buy more ram
- buy a very fast SSD?
- a combination of RAM + SSD(SWAP)

But I do not know exactly what to do.
Every choice have it's price and it's unclear to me if OVIRT is the same 
as RHEV an if not then is this function available there?