[CentOS-virt] PCI Passthrough not working

Mon May 16 13:14:52 UTC 2016
Francis Greaves <francis at choughs.net>

>On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Francis Greaves <francis at choughs.net> wrote:
>> Dear George please find attached the three files as requested.
>> I have used
>> iommu=soft
>> in the grub command line for the kernel in the domU as explained before.
>> many thanks

>The options are:
>1. Figure out what the other device is and assign them both to the guest
>2. Tell Xen that you don't mind the sharing.
>You should only do #2 if you're not using Xen for isolation -- i.e.,
>if you trust the software in that VM not to attack dom0.
>I *think* you should be able to do #2 by adding 'rdm_policy=relaxed'
>to your pci stanza; i.e., it should look like this:

Dear George
That worked, do I still need to add this to the cfg file?


or how do I assign the device without the 'rdm_policy=relaxed' option as per option 1?

Thanks so much for your speedy advice.