[CentOS-virt] qemu-kvm-ev ppc64le release builds

Wed Apr 19 23:03:00 UTC 2017
Lance Albertson <lance at osuosl.org>


We're using qemu-kvm-ev on ppc64le and I've noticed that it's included in
the extras repo for ppc64le but in the qemu-kvm-ev repo for x86_64. I also
noticed the version in ppc64le is lagging behind x86. I see that ppc64le is
being built for this, however isn't tagged for virt7-kvm-common-release and
thus showing up under /virt/kvm-common on the mirrors.

Is there any particular reason why this is happening? If possible, I can
certainly provide some testing to get this moving along.

Thank you!

[1] http://cbs.centos.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=539

Lance Albertson
Oregon State University | Open Source Lab
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