[CentOS-virt] Major stability problems with xen 4.6.6

Wed Aug 23 22:31:31 UTC 2017
Nathan March <nathan at gt.net>

This appears to be a centos kernel issue rather than a xen one.




Digging through the posts and not clear why this never made it upstream.


I'm going to apply that patch to my systems and see if it resolves, but
won't know for certain until a week or two of stability goes by.


- Nathan



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Subject: [CentOS-virt] Major stability problems with xen 4.6.6




I'm seeing numerous crashes on the xen 4.6.6-1 / 4.6.6-2 releases, on both
the 4.9.34-29 and 4.9.39-29 kernels.


I've attached a txt with two different servers outputs.


Xen-028: This crashed this morning while running 4.6.6-1 and 4.9.39-29

Xen-001: This crashed shortly after being upgraded to 4.6.6-2 and 4.9.34-29


Both are on different hardware platforms, and have had a long history of
being stable until these upgrades.


It sounds potentially related to
e/+/9ce119f318ba1a07c29149301f1544b6c4bea52a%5E%21/ but I've confirmed this
patch is in the above kernels.


Any suggestions / thoughts?





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