[CentOS-virt] CentOS AMI's published to AWS

Tue Jan 24 23:09:20 UTC 2017
Wesley Novack <register at wesleytech.com>

Greetings! Can someone please explain the process for publishing CentOS 7
AMI's to AWS?

I see the "official" CentOS marketplace page here:

However, if I select us-west-2 and launch based on the current AMI that was
released on 2/26/2016, I see that it is CentOS 7.2.1511 at boot up.

Do new AMI's get published on a particular cadence? Eg; will there be an
AMI for 7.3.1611, for example?

I realize that we could do a yum update, but we'd prefer to start off new
hosts on the latest version without needing to do a yum update and then
save our own image.

Any insight is appreciated and thank you!


Thank you,
Wes Novack
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