[CentOS-virt] Updated libvirt packages (2.2.0-1) in testing

Mon Jan 9 10:43:18 UTC 2017
George Dunlap <dunlapg at umich.edu>

On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 10:26 AM, Jean-Marc Liger
<jean-marc.liger at parisdescartes.fr> wrote:
> Le 05/01/2017 à 18:29, George Dunlap a écrit :
>> The CentOS 7.3 release updated to libvirt 2.0,  which is now taking
>> precedence over the previous virt sig libvirt packages (which were
>> 1.3).
>> I've pulled in the changes from Fedora 25, which uses libvirt 2.2.0.
>> I've built and tested them for CentOS 7 and they work for me.  (I'm
>> having some infrastructure issue testing C6.)
>> Please test them if you have an opportunity.  I'll leave them there
>> for a week and then push them to release if I don't have any
>> complaints.
> Hi Georges,
> You should pick last libvirt packages directly from
> ftp://ftp.libvirt.org/libvirt/ as they maintain compatibility for both C6
> and C7.

Hmm -- I didn't realize that libvirt shipped their own source rpms.

There seem to be two distinct classes of users: those who want the
newest thing all the time, and those who want to stick with what's
working as long as possible before upgrading.  On the whole, CentOS
seems to be more focused on the second class of people.  So I was
looking to do a single version bump that we could stick with until the
next time there's a compelling reason to update.  Libvirt 2.2 the most
recent one used in any Fedora release.  As such, in terms
of"aftercare" like bug fixes, it will probably get better and for
longer than other releases.  So it seemed like a good option.

I'm open to other suggestions, but "update every release" is probably
not suitable for the main Xen repo.  I wouldn't be opposed if someone
wanted to step up and maintain a repo themselves, though. :-)