[CentOS-virt] Increase CPU usage on HV after upgrade (7.2 -> 7.3)

Mon Jan 23 13:05:33 UTC 2017
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It is hard to define that extra % are leak due to upgrade, maybe should try on little heavy load VM and see if it is still constant.




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Hello ,

After upgrading the system from CentOS 7.2.1511 to CenOS 7.3.1611 I
see that the average processing time has increased from 5-7% to 12-15%
(doubled). Not critical but it is not pleasant. Server as KVM with 5
virtual machines. Someone noticed something similar? If so, how to fix


Discussed with KVM guys, here's the answer:

1% per VM seems to much on idle VM; if the VM is not idle you are
getting better performance in exchange.  For idle VMs the difference
should be roughly 0.1% per VM.





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