[CentOS-virt] Xen Version update policy

Thu Dec 12 17:54:54 UTC 2019
Kevin Stange <kevin at steadfast.net>

On 12/12/19 8:25 AM, George Dunlap wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 5:08 PM Kevin Stange <kevin at steadfast.net> wrote:
>> I don't really think we should drop a release before its security
>> support ends, unless we have *really clear* communication to repo users
>> as to the life cycles of these builds in advance.
> Indeed, the purpose of this email is in fact to make such a clear
> communication.  Citrix (i.e., Anthony & I) have committed to providing
> up-to-date packages for one version at a time; this is meant to give
> people input into which version that is.  The Virt SIG cannot as a
> whole commit to supporting releases until security support ends unless
> others step up and make commitments to do so.

We should probably provide a matrix of which Xen versions are offered by
the SIG, who is maintaining them, and when they will last be supported
(roughly if it's not 100% clear due to upstream scheduling).

There's a bunch of legacy Xen4CentOS and other confusing Xen docs in the
CentOS documentation that need to be cleaned up, removed, or unified.

I'm happy to continue working on and testing releases for whichever
branch I'm currently on (which is 4.8 right now, but I'm moving on since
upstream is done with security support).  However I can't make
commitments to support or test versions I am not actively running in
production, nor provide specific life cycle guarantees.  I made that
mistake with 4.4, though meltdown was an extenuating circumstance; I
simply couldn't handle that kind of backport myself.

That said, I *may* offer continued support and testing for 4.12 when
4.14's release pushes it out of maintenance by Virt SIG.  That's
something I'm going to have to play by ear, I guess.

I don't want to burden Steven Haigh any, but I wonder if there's a way
we could combine some of our efforts to make both "Xen made easy!" and
the Virt SIG Xen easier to manage.

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