[CentOS-virt] KVM backup

Sat Aug 1 14:25:56 UTC 2020
Gokan Atmaca <linux.gokan at gmail.com>


I take backups while virtual machines are running live. For this,
first I takes snapshot. Then I back up the original disk. But when I
look at the snapshot list (1595157757,1595162592). I see that it is
passive. I cannot delete them either.

What would be the reason ?

Name                 Creation Time             State
 1595157757           2020-07-19 14:22:37 +0300 disk-snapshot
 1595162592           2020-07-19 15:43:12 +0300 disk-snapshot

error: Failed to delete snapshot 1595162592
error: unsupported configuration: deletion of 1 external disk
snapshots not supported yet