[Centos] kernel with multi-LUN SCSI support

Sat Apr 3 08:12:14 UTC 2004
Greg Kurtzer <greg at runlevelzero.net>

I think there is two ways of doing this without rebuilding the kernel:

Add 'max_scsi_luns=128' to the kernel command line in grub or append= in lilo.

I believe that you can also do it when you initialize the top of your scsi
chain. For example, you can add: 'options scsi_mod max_scsi_luns=128' to
modules.conf, and rebuild your initrd (or hack on the initrd directly) to add
that insmod option.

This is from memory, but I am pretty sure that one of these worked... :)

Good luck,

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 11:00:56PM -0700, Paul M. Wright told me:
> I am running CentOS 3.1 and everything is working beautifully except my
> HP12000e tape library that requires multi-LUN support.  Every time I
> re-compile the 2.4.21 kernel with the multi-LUN SCSI option, I get the
> multi-LUN to work but something else breaks.
> Is there a pre-compiled kernel somewhere that is similar to the stock
> CentOS kernel except that it includes the multi-LUN feature?
> thanks!
> paul
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