[Centos] Mounting Windows partition

Wed Apr 7 15:00:40 UTC 2004
Prasanth S <panlin88 at yahoo.com>

      I have recently installed CentOS 3.1 on my
laptop and its a dual boot with XP on hda1. I was
trying to mount that partion on to /mnt/XP. I have a
problem here, when i say df, the listing does not show
the XP partion (ntfs/hpfs filesystem). Obviously this
can be diagnosed as my kernel does not have the
appropriate module (Kernel version 2.4.21-9). I came
to know that there is one kernel-ntfs rpm which can
help us out here. Could some one get me the link for
the appropriate download, as i cant find anything for
that kernel version. any new suggestions are highly
Thanks in advance.

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