[Centos] fresh install - resolv.conf error?

Mon Apr 12 22:40:55 UTC 2004
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Troy Engel wrote:

> Before I submit as a bug, has anyone else encountered -- doing a fresh, 
> clean install of CentOS-3 results in a resolv.conf with only my 
> secondary nameserver listed and the search domain.

neat bug -- I have not seen it -- but I use dhcp everywhere, 
so I never look at the /etc/resolv.conf after an install, and 
it gets wiped by the dhcp-client every lease renewal;  The 
over-rides of dhclient-script and dhclient.conf do not seem to 
work according to the man pages in CentOS, but in tracing 
through the RH scripts, some of the man page options appear to 
have been not supported.

I would bugzilla it locally, and then check upstream at the RH 
bugzilla for like reports; I will look for it next time I 
install;   I assume you are setting static IP and resolver 

-- Russ Herrold