[Centos] yum fails on IBMJava2-JRE

Sun Apr 25 23:12:48 UTC 2004
Josh Hildebrand <josh at newgistics.com>

Thanks to whomever fixed the header.info file.  It's working better now.

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Subject: [Centos] yum fails on IBMJava2-JRE

My yum update for CentOS-2 started to fail a while ago.

http://mirror.centos.org/centos-2/updates/headers/header.info mentions this

But that file doesn't seem to exist anywhere.  So I end up with this error
and it exits.

getting /var/cache/yum/update/headers/IBMJava2-JRE-1-1.3.1-10.i386.hdr
Error getting file
[Errno 6] ERROR: Url Return no Content-Length  - something is wrong

Please help me understand how I can fix this.  Or if it's just a bad
header.info on the mirrors?


Josh Hildebrand
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