[Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Wed Aug 11 15:34:59 UTC 2004
dan1 <dan1 at edenpics.com>

Hi to all,

I have some suggestions to make about the CentOS 3.

I think that this would be great to include many questions we have on this
mailing list
 into the FAQs of the centOS site. They are so poor, that we feel like
is happening for this centos 3, and in fact this seems to be a very good
distribution.. too sad..
Probably that finding a way to access the mailing list archive through a
search for non-subscribers would help a lot new users, and motivate them.

I also had contact with the switch.ch mirror site of Switzerland (1Gbit/s),
and they would be ready to mirror your distribution if it would become more
So there should not be any bandwidth problems, and I wish that CentOS
3 will become known from the others. It's so strange, nobody knows about

A better documentation on your site would perhaps also help a bit, and
motivate people to use it. Especially making a bigger difference on the site
between cAos and CentOS 3 would be great (the way the site is designed).
I also regret to not find any information on google groups about that. It's
so sad.. Isn't it possible to post your e-mails to google groups (open a new
channel for centos, etc..) ?

In all cases, thank you for all, I'm very pleased to use CentOS 3 and try to
make it
known by others !

Hope this will help..