[Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Thu Aug 12 15:24:17 UTC 2004
Greg Kurtzer <greg at runlevelzero.net>

I am sorry to say that I don't agree that a separate website is the right
path. I will however _strongly_ agree that the site needs much work and
organization, and we are in the progress of building a new infrastructure at
the moment.

Centos is a hosted project by the cAos Foundation. There are several hosted
projects by the foundation, and they are all leveraging from one another. To
make the distinct appearance that any of the projects is a standalone entity
would be misleading, and I don't think would do justice for any of the
projects or foundation as a whole.

Another thought comes from a higher view. Think of the foundation as a company
that isn't in the business of turning profit. But the company is in the
business of staying alive and growing to support the projects. Pulling Centos
strictly from caosity.org may give the appearance that centos (or caos linux)
is not part of a team effort. I think that this is important to the foundation
because as I mentioned, the foundation needs to survive. At this point, Centos
is bringing in _very_ few donations to the foundation (even though it is very
well known and utilized). Pulling it further away from the foundation I don't
think is gonna help.

I hate to bring up donations, but one of my first priorities is to have the 
Foundation be able to support itself. At the moment, the developers are paying 
the bills for the foundation, AND donating their time and code. Why should the
developers be supporting the Foundation, when there are so many users making 
use of it? hurmm? (https://caos.kintera.org/)

So, the fix... We are in the process of building a completely new web site and
content management system. This will solve many of the problems that have been
brought up, and will make it easier to find what you need about each of the
hosted projects. An FAQ and Wiki system are also both in the plan as well.

Lets bring site layouts up again after the new site has been finished, and 
the new content has been populated. I estimate it is still 1-2 months away
from completion, but you will see changes starting in the next week or two.

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 08:31:45AM -0500, scott.list told me:
> > > I am in favour of a completely separate website for CentOS , at
> > > www.centos.org , obviously linked to the caosity website.
> > >
> > > This is the only way IMHO to avoid the current confusion.
> > >
> >
> > This is even better, because it's true that once people hear about
> CentOS3,
> > the fact that there is another distrib suggested, he is quite
> confused.
> > To have a website completely dedicated to CentOS 3 is far better
> because
> > these OSes are so different that they are worth having their own
> websites.
> I also agree that separating them would be best.  Perhaps a "plug" for
> the other on the respective websites and that's all.  I am also very
> pleased with CentOS and feel there would be a huge following with only
> a little extra work on the website.  I looked at all the other RHEL
> distros and tried installing each, I liked this one the best.  I'm not
> a newbe but not a guru either.  As an example, when looking for the
> CentOS maillist, I had a hard time even finding it existed on the
> website (even though I was subscribed to it already so I knew it
> existed).
> I think a more current FAQ would be nice.  I think a common question
> to add to it is "what can I ask on the Redhat lists vs. what should be
> asked on this list?".
> HTH.  Thanks to all who put this together and are making it work.
> Cheers,
> Scott
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