[Centos] suggestions for CentOS (project relationships)

Thu Aug 12 15:50:36 UTC 2004
Greg Kurtzer <greg at runlevelzero.net>

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 10:45:03AM -0500, Rocky McGaugh told me:
> I do see both points.
> For those of us in the know, understanding the relationship between the 
> cAos Foundation and the cAos Community and the cAos Project and the 
> CentOS Project is as clear as the relationship between the Mozilla 
> Foundation and the Mozilla Community and the Mozilla project (product) 
> and the Bugzilla project.
> The same relationships exist with Apache, where there is a foundation, 
> community, and project/product all of the same name, but also other 
> projects/products with other names under the same foundation/community.
> How do we more accurately present this to newcomers to the websites?

Very good point/question. Possibly on the front page at caosity.org/about?

I will write some ideas down (when I get a chance). I had to explain this
dozens of times at LinuxWorld, so I think I got pretty good at it. ;)
Greg M. Kurtzer