[Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Thu Aug 12 19:32:29 UTC 2004
dan1 <dan1 at edenpics.com>

> I'd think something like have www.centos.org redirect to
> centos.caosity.org with some prominent 'Return to caosity.org' link.
> Then have centos.caosity.org have centos specific content.

This seems quite good, if having centos.org as main site is not possible (we
should ask this list's users and the Foundation).
I'm made a bit the same way as Rocky.
I don't want to be disturbed with anything else than what I'm interested on:
CentOS. It makes me lose my time, and is confusing.
I would rather prefer seeing banners for a little profit for the
organisation than seeing infos about something which is almost a competiting
OS. It makes me like feeling frustrated to not have the benefits of the
other one each time I come on the site.

I think this way: if the user typed: www.centos.org, then he probably wanted
to see centOS stuff only.

Another reason: when I first came on this site, I lost quite a lot of time
to understand that there were two different OSes and that I didn't need to
use Cynch although I had read everything on it, etc..
Keeping centOS stuff on the centOS.org site would be much clearer, and if
the Foundation accepts it, then why not doing it ?

Interesting question..