[Centos] Re: migration center

Fri Aug 13 14:07:46 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


> I started a web page to collect my ideas

I looked at the page collecting your ideas.  That is a
good start, and a good looking web page.

Your wizard idea is fancier than what I had in mind. 
I was thinking of a table listing the starting points
and in the left column and the sensible options in the
right column.  Then step by step instructions for each
supported migration path.  (I can imagine writing step
by step instructions by actually doing it and taking
notes as I go.)  

I agree that we do not have to rush it.  On the other
hand, I do not know what the schedule for the new web
site will be.  As for the migration center content
(plain text type content), I suggest we move at our
own pace, and when we are ready, either put the
content in the existing site or in the new site,
whichever is available.  When cAos moves to the new
site, much if the text will get copied from the old
site and pasted into the new site anyway.  

Since I do not know anything about the schedule for
the new site, I can imagine that it could take more
time than doing a useful migration center.  I simply
suggest that we do not let any potential problems in
doing a whole new web site delay putting out migration
information that people could be using right now.   

> Each procedure could have a forum where people can
contribute feedback, like they do with the php manual.

This would be best.  

> Another thing I might have a play with is a family
tree.  That might help people see the differences
between versions.

That is another good suggestion.  It could go in the
FAQ explaining the difference between cAos and CentOS.