[Centos] 3ware 9000 install

aemadrid at hyperxmedia.com aemadrid at hyperxmedia.com
Sat Dec 18 07:32:42 UTC 2004

I'm trying to do a fresh install on a new server that has a 3ware 9000
controller. I followed the instructions on the 3ware manual and used a floppy
with the drivers for RH WS3 (Update 2) but it doesn't work. After it asks me to
load the disk it reads for a while and then it says it did not find any drivers
that pertain to this system. I tried loading the 3w9xxx driver unsuccesfully,
it does no recognize the drives. Has anybody succesfully installed Centos-3 on
a server with a 3ware 9000 controller? How? I have another machine that does
not have a raid controller (and I'm installing Centos right now) that I can use
to ciompile the drivers or whatever is needed.

Thanks in advance,

Adrian Madrid

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