[Centos] GFS 6.0.2-12

Tue Dec 7 05:33:10 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

GFS 6.0.2-12 is now available for CentOS-3.  This version has some small 
fixes is but is mostly just to support the new CentOS-3 kernel.

The files are available from my site here:

Tips for updating:
Because the dependencies are a bit screwed (thanks to RH), it is 
probably easiest to do
rpm -U 
before updating the rest.  If you want to use yum, chuck this into your 
yum.conf for now:
name=CentOS-3 GFS

Watch out for /etc/sysconfig/gfs being replaced by the new GFS package. 
  Your old version should be renamed to .rpmorig


John Newbigin
Computer Systems Officer
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia