[Centos] *very* raw script for a new email server

Wed Dec 8 15:14:48 UTC 2004
Benjamin J. Weiss <benjamin at birdvet.org>


I'm putting up a new email server, but I can't afford downtime when I 
switch servers.  So, I've been writing a script that will take a CentOS 
install and turn it into a secure email server with Spam Assassin, 
Amavis-new, ClamAV and external relay using SASL authentication.

The script is still *very* raw, and I'm relatively new to bash script 
writing.  I still have some areas of work to do:

- I need to incorporate the "alternatives" command to switch from sendmail 
to postfix, instead of using the redhat-switch-mail and changing it via 

- I need to figure out how to automate the certificate generation.  Right 
now I still have to type in a password at the prompt, as well as hit 
<enter> to accept the defaults

- Some of my sed commands are kludgy.  I'm still learning the ins and outs 
of sed

- I have *no* idea whether or not Vipul's Razor is working or not.  

- I need to fix the yum "extras" section.

- I need to improve the iptables handling.

Anyway, if you guys'd like to take a look and make comments, I'm open to 
suggestions and whatnot.

It's at: