[Centos] CentOS newbie just saying hello

Tue Dec 14 14:53:44 UTC 2004
Nigel Kendrick <nigel.kendrick at petdoctors.co.uk>

Hi folks,

Just a quick hello having installed CentOS on my first box - an Acer
Altos G310 (P4 2.8GHz, 768MB RAM with 70GB + 300GB  storage. The 300GB
unit is a SATA disk which I hope to software (hardware!?) mirror - if
I'm in for any major fun mirroring a SATA drive do let me know now - I
think hardware mirroring is not an option (yet!?) but I haven't checked
this out completely.

This isn't my first *nix/linux install - I go all the way back to Daisy
Dnix, Xenix, SC..er..you know who..unix, via VAX VMS and CP/M on various
systems. I have a couple of RH9 boxes that will need updating soon and
I'm also running one other Acer G310 server on..er..White Box..(sorry!)
so this is kind of a 'keeping my options open' thing!

This new G310 will be running Bacula to provide remote backup services
for 25 regional sites, and the other G310 is being used as a
mail/Web/Intranet (eGroupWare) server for our 250 staff.
Thanks to all those who made CentOS what it is - hope I can 'give back'
sometime by sharing my experience where relevant.
Nigel Kendrick

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