[Centos] Announcement: 3ware 9500S Driver disk for ISO Installs now available for 32 bit CentOS

Fri Dec 17 04:51:37 UTC 2004
Seth Bardash <seth at integratedsolutions.org>

We have built and packaged a driver install disk for CentOS 3.3 for the
3ware 9500S series of SATA Raid controllers to allow iso installation and
booting from a 3ware 9500S based RAID array.

Its available at:


We only ask that you log in so we can send you update notices as new drivers
become available. We will not use the information for any other purposes and
will purge the database after 6 months.

These drivers are based on the 3ware 9.0.2 sources and have been built for
32 bit CentOS 3.3 for the up, smp and hugemem kernel versions of
2.4.21-20.c0.EL to run on athlon and opteron based systems.

A newer version is in the works based on the 3ware version of the
sources and should be available within a few weeks. This version should
increase RAID 5 performance by 30% (per the 3ware people).

These driver disks are free but have no waranty. They have been tested on a
dual opteron based system running the 32 bit version of CentOS 3.3. (We
needed this version for application compatability). The system boots with a
warning about a tainted driver but functions fine (we compiled the drivers
on a whitebox linux system). This will be fixed in the next release.

We hope to make available the 32 bit CentOS 3.3 driver disk, 64 bit CentOS
3.3 driver disk and a CentOS 3.3 modified install script for 3dm2 within the
next few weeks.

Any suggestions on making these offerings better will be appreciated.

More to follow.

Thanks for the bandwidth,

Seth Bardash

Integrated Solutions and Systems
1510 North Gate Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

719-495-5870 Fax
719-337-4779 Cell 

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