[Centos] httpd trademark issue -- here it is!

Sat Dec 18 02:51:52 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


A "powered by RedHat" gif recently appeared on the
bottom of the mirror monitor (mirmon) page:


This appeared in place of the "powered by CentOS" gif
that used to be there.

The mirmon page is getting it from the icons directory
under the default html directory.

An Apache update in November put the new gif there in
place of the CentOS gif.  This was fixed in a httpd
update early this month.

This server is on a 28 day update lag.  Just a few
hours ago, yum automatically updated httpd to version 


which came into my master repository on November 19th

Actually, a newer httpd version came in on December


Theoretically, the appearance of the more recent
version should have blocked the installation of the
prior version, but the logic in the lag mirror
software needs refinement (it is not expecting a newer
version to have a non-contiguous number component).  

I am away from the office.  Could someone please let
me know where I can grab the correct gif off some web