[Centos] local yum repository

Thu Dec 23 18:40:34 UTC 2004
Ken Godee <ken at perfect-image.com>

bit off topic, but....

I've set up my first Centos gateway server and now
setting up another server on internal network.

I thought it would be nice to use the gateway servers
"/var/cache/yum" as a local repository for any internal servers
since it would be up to date with the lastest packages and save

So... I created a sym link to create a repository through
gateways http server, ie.

ln -s /var/cache/yum /var/www/html/yum

Now internally I can browse the gateways repository with
no problem

I've set the internal servers yum.conf to, ie.

name=Local - Addons


yum list addons

Gathering header info
Server: Local - Addons
CacheDir: /var/cache/yum/addons
Getting header info from server
failover: baseURL =
failover: path = headers/header.info

and the just gets stuck there.

structure of gateways repostitory...


ok,so seems yums looking for in the headers dir for the
header.info when really in the addons dir. Tried creating
s symlink in the headers dir ( ln -s ../header.info header.info)
but no go.

Any tips, I'm sure I'm missing something simple?
or maybe just can't do it how I want to.