[Centos] 2.6 kernel

Wed Dec 1 12:51:34 UTC 2004
Ryan Lane <ryan at rel.dyndns.org>

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 07:13:33 -0800, beau <phaedral at gmail.com> wrote:

 >> Any big heads up folks can offer as I set off to try building me a
 >> 2.6.9 kernel from a kernel.org tarball?

I am running kernel 2.6 (built custom from src) on Centos 3.3 in a 
production environment.  No problems at all, in fact it works great. 
The only tweaking I had to do was to update the modutils RPM.  And for 
that I just grabbed the modutils RPM from Fedora Core 1.