[Centos] need help with wu-ftpd

Fri Dec 3 01:23:29 UTC 2004
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

Rick Graves wrote:
> Tony,

Heya Roger, what's going on? :)

> It is OK to choose a different package, if you want to
> put in the time and effort.  It depends on your needs.

Agreed! I think the point here is that some of us are recommending, 
based on experience, what we feel is a better package than the one 
RedHat provides. Obviously a vi versus emacs type of choice, everyone 
likes what they like. But as a new linux/CentOS user, Fernando can 
benefit from our knowledge.

> If there is some serious problem with vsftp, perhaps
> RedHat chose it based on dark motives.  If this is so,

I don't get this paragraph at all, but...ok. Noone said there's 
something wrong with vsftpd, just that we like something else. For me 
personally, I love the Apache style config, the easy virtual users 
setup, and the chroot on by default stuff. Purely a choice on my part - 
I love choice, I'm a linux nerd.

> Fernando has not used any of the tools for years, so
> he must put the effort into learning something new for
> him.  For Fernando, there is no advantage to sticking
> with a legacy tool, as he must expend the effort no
> matter which tool he selects.  

A valid point. But again, others of us think that the tool RedHat 
provides may not be the best one to learn. Your use of legacy here is 
incorrect, though -- ncftp is still shipped in Fedora Core 3, so I guess 
it has to be a license or support issue (ie like the mysql-server RPM, 
they didn't want to support it in RHES3).


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