[Centos] Question about YUM

Fri Dec 3 15:24:54 UTC 2004
Joe Polk <listuser at javelinux.com>

Okay, just checking. I just wanted to be sure it would pick up a manually
installed rpm. I like rpm and I have had very little issue with it before but
as was stated, YUM would at least handle dep issues.


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> > Yes. But it's better to use yum all the time. It's more safe, easier
> > and without any dependancies problems ;)
> Yum uses RPM for most of its handy-work. In the end, it doesnt 
> matter if you install an rpm by hand or with the yum tool. Yum just 
> makes things quicker and easier.
> People usually dont get into real "dep hell" with RPM unless they 
> "use the --force, Luke."
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