[Centos] Local mirrors and ISP transfer bills

Sat Dec 4 11:54:40 UTC 2004
Matt Shields <mattboston at gmail.com>

I do this, and it's really easy.  And like you said a custom channel
is good if you have some special packages that you also maintain

Matt Shields

On Sat, 04 Dec 2004 05:27:25 -0500, Ed Clarke <clarke at cilia.org> wrote:
> As a matter of policy and because I'm at the end of a DS/1 that needs to
> feed
> my customers needs, I've set up a local subset mirror of Centos 3.3.  It's a
> subset because I don't copy any of the x86_64 directories ( no machines that
> use them ) but it's also a superset because I've added an additional "local"
> directory structure that contains things that I need - amavis, clamav etc.
> I can do "yum install amavisd-new" from any of my servers and have yum
> install or update the packages that are needed.
> The advantage for everyone in doing this is that I don't have to use up my
> DS/1 bandwidth for installs or updates of multiple machines and the mirrors
> don't get hit with a dozen requests for the same file from one location. (I
> was quite annoyed when the updated yum package wanked up my custom yum.conf)
> An additional benefit to me is that updates to my real customer servers go
> at a hundred megabit rate rather than the time it'd take to suck down a new
> kernel or openoffice through a DS/1.
> I'd like to recommend that everyone with some kind of server farm do
> this.  The
> local mirror doesn't have to be wonderful - mine is a 200mhz PPro
> machine built
> out of junked parts - all it has to do is serve FTP.  You'll save money
> in the
> long run and reduce the cost to the donated mirrors.  Someone pays for the
> bandwidth, one way or the other.
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