[Centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4

Tue Dec 14 14:45:17 UTC 2004
Andy Masiar <amasiar at gmail.com>

> >* Mission: To stay as close to RedHat as possible
> >Issues: some things need to be modified to support this.  For example the
> >cpu/memory restrictions will be removed(like in CentOS-3).
> Could you please share more information about this? What cpu/memory
> restrictions are in Centos 3 which are not present in RHEL3 ? This is what I
> am trying to discover which RHEL version like AS, ES or WS is Centos based
> on. I was under impression after reading Centros website documents that
> Centos is designed to be an almost 100% RHEL clone minus the copyrighted
> Redhat logos.

It's the other way around. RHEL has restrictions on amount of memory
and number of cpu's. Check