[Centos] What if this happens?

Tue Dec 14 18:31:38 UTC 2004
Beau Henderson <silentbob at gmail.com>

As far as i know, as per the GPL, they have to release the srpm's no
matter what. You don't need a subscription to rhel to get the srpm's
and i don't think you'll be seeing anything like that come into play
in the future. When you subscribe to RHEL, you're not exactly paying
for the software. Your paying for access to RHN ( ie. bandwidth ),
support and your essentially paying for quality assurance. That is,
they modify as needed the source, and package it as binary rpm's.

Further to that, I doubt very much redhat would want to put themselves
in a possition whereby they wouldn't make the sources available. That
wouldn't be very good business practice now would it ? They would just
be shunned apon. I know they are well aware of centos, infact if you
go to their freenode irc channel, they make mention ( last i saw ) of
centos in the topic.

They just need to make a buck is all. They put a lot of work into what
they do, not just for redhat's released software but i see many redhat
contributions to the kernel itself as well and many other open source

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:12:02 -0500, Max Beerli <maxbeerli at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have concern about this? What if Redhat stops giving SRPMS for
> new releases and updates in public? If you buy a subscription to RHEL AS and
> they have to give you the SRPMS because of GPL agreement can that person
> provide those SRPMS to public again because of GPL? They claim they are
> premium OpenSource company but they are still a company and for them money
> is bottom line. Hopefully this is all legal and we will have SRPMS one way
> or the other.
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