[Centos] Re: centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4

Wed Dec 15 06:03:55 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

Or have the best of both worlds.

Main config only servers either a. DNS round robin or b. static config 
on the client (in case of main DNS failure).

These config servers use a geography/topography to mirror database and 
return the URL of a mirror or mirrors to use for this update only.

The client can cache/remember the last working mirror or mirrors in case 
of config server failure.

Although I don't think we have to build a failsafe system, it is good to 
be able to dynamically change the mirrors without having to modify the 
client config, but at the same time, give the client enough power to 
pick a mirror if they want.

Much of this could all be hidden behind an http server as long as yum 
supports following redirects.

(apologies for not posing this thread to centos-devel, I was sending out 
errata messages at the time and was not thinking).

seth vidal wrote:
>>only providing the suggested mirror to use....this is nothing more then 
>>and a websever....  Shoot even the WBEL guy is having yum hit his tiny 
>>T1 to get the mirror list.
> In the event that the central site or network is inaccessible then the
> entire system stops. Even if there is new data on all/any mirror.
> That's a good reason to have multiple mirrors populated in the config
> file.
> or you can use a mirrorlist file but put it ON the machine.
> -sv
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