[Centos] Amavis or CLamAV...or both?

Thu Dec 16 17:30:20 UTC 2004
Ryan Lane <ryan at rel.dyndns.org>

Jacob Leaver wrote:
> Check out maia:  www.maiamailguard.com
> Based on amavisd-new, it supplies all the professional outsourced filter 
> style features.
> Using it with clamav, I've never received a virus, and it's been 99.28 
> percent effective with my spam situation, better numbers than I've gotten 
> from postini.

I second the recommendation for Maia Mailguard.  It's sweet, albeit a 
bit tricky to get setup.  The best part of it is the web-based 
management for users.  I even got my very non-technical wife using it, 
and she loves it.