[Centos] Centos as a desktop

Fri Dec 17 22:50:21 UTC 2004
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

"TK" == Ted Kaczmarek <tedkaz at optonline.net>

    TK> I don't want to discourage one from using Centos for a
    TK> workstation, but you may want to at least run
    TK> dual/triple/quad boot and drive a distro(s) geared for the
    TK> workstation/desktop as well. If your objective is to just
    TK> run a work station and are not looking for all the toys,
    TK> than Centos is for you. If you want to live on the edge,
    TK> have all the latest and greatest, than leave 10-15 gig on
    TK> the drive for the latest Fedora release. I personally
    TK> prefer to live on the edge on my two machines I do most of
    TK> my work on, it seems to minimize my learning curve going
    TK> forward, and also helps the community in general, but that
    TK> is me, and you are you.

Hey, it's a *work*station.  I need it to work, all the time, as
it's my main gateway into all the other machines.  I also need to
be able to write documents, admin the other systems, duplicate and
fix user problems, prototype code and websites, and so on.

For play, I have a bunch of other machines in my office (including
the damn Beowulf cluster that hasn't been moved yet!), a shiny
Powerbook, and my keen Debian development box at home.

That said, yes, if you want the very, very latest and greatest,
then I guess CentOS 3 isn't your first choice, any more than Red
Hat Enterprise Linux WS or AS or Debian stable would be.  For
edges so sharp their users are anemic, we have distros like Debian
unstable, Fedora Core development (is it still Rawhide), Mandrake
Cooker, and so forth.  For workstations, stable OSs with support
and the occasional newer package work pretty well.


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