[Centos] ANNOUNCEMENT: the new www.centos.org has launched

Sat Dec 18 01:17:50 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

>> BTW, I guess this can also serve to announce the launch of the 
>> www.centos.org website
> Killer! So it would appear that our CentOS Q&A, FAQ, Wiki, etc should 
> all go here instead of wiki.caosity.org, eh?

www.centos.org will not feature a pure wiki.  However the FAQ system 
running on www.centos.org is rather kind of like a wiki in that it 
allows users to propose questions, answer previously proposed questions, 
answer (i.e., update) a current answer, propose and answer a question 
(the same parts obviously) at one time.  So it's better than a boring 
old static faq with a webmaster making up questions, it allows user 
interaction, but avoids many of the pitfalls of more traditional wiki 
like apps.  It's flexible enough to be a "mini wiki" in the sense that 
users can submit complete howto's, offer suggestions for correcting 
inaccurate faq information, or even proposing a question that should be 
added.  It's a faq in the sense that the answers are generally static 
and still require webmaster (or assignee(s)) to manage the content and 
changes in the faq. All this and I didn't even mention that users can 
add comments to existing FAQ entries... :-)

The faq is called "smartfaq" and is rather unique to the xoops word.  
Currently it is running in rather restricted mode.  In the coming days 
and weeks I plan to add more smartfaq features to make it more dynamic.

> Congrats on the lauch, looks spiffy.

Thank you, much of the look goes to Lance Davis who was forever saying 
can we "change this, change that, blah blah blah".  Plus I seem to 
suffer from coloritus as well...