[Centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4

Mon Dec 20 16:45:34 UTC 2004
Karanbir Singh <Mail-Lists at karan.org>


Johnny Hughes wrote:
> I don't know how they do it, but the MySQL download area also has
> automated mirror selection that seems to work pretty well for me.  Are
> we interested enough for me to ask how they do it?

Would be quite academic to drop in something like GeoIP and use that as 
a refrence tool. For anyone interested : 

Running / checking the mirror list for update status every 6 hours could 
be built into the central server, mirror handout should be done on the 
fly from there. And a setup like mirror.centos.org is redundant enough 
to not have issues with 1 or even 2 of the machines being down at a 
given time.

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