[Centos] httpd trademark issue -- here it is!

Mon Dec 20 20:33:20 UTC 2004
Michael Jennings <mej at caosity.org>

On Monday, 20 December 2004, at 09:18:48 (-0800),
Rick Graves wrote:

> Thanks, I am clear on that.  My code was sometimes not working
> right.  I simplified and clarified it, and it is working right now
> -- at least on the httpd versions, and I hope on everything else.

Is your code Python?  If so, you should use the python rpmlib bindings
for this.

> I am not sure I need to even worry about comparisons on this level.
> My program is most concerned about when a *different* version
> appears on the public mirrors.  So 2.0.46 would be different than
> 2.0.127, and my logic presumes the one that appears after supercedes
> the one that appeared before.

Yeah, that's how mine worked too, only it used version comparison to
handle the case where multiple new updates for the same package
appeared simultaneously (which can happen if the script doesn't run
frequently enough or a quickie-fix is required.


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