[Centos] perl dependency problems in dag's repo

Wed Dec 22 01:13:14 UTC 2004
Ted Kaczmarek <tedkaz at optonline.net>

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 13:08 +0100, sophana wrote:
> Hi
> I know this might not be the right list.
> There are some dependency problems with perl packages in dag's repo.
> This is not the first perl package which doesn't install because of this 
> kind of dependency.
> Any idea?
> Resolving dependencies
> .....Unable to satisfy dependencies
> Package ldap-account-manager needs perl(Net::SSH::Perl), this is not 
> available.
> Package ldap-account-manager needs perl(Quota), this is not available.
> Thanks
> Sophana
> _______________________________________________
I posted this problem to the freshrpms list on October 17th.
Its probably a low priority for them as it got no response.
If you subscribe to the list and post that may push them along :-)