[Centos] local yum repository

Thu Dec 23 21:34:23 UTC 2004
Ken Godee <ken at perfect-image.com>

>>bit off topic, but....
>>I've set up my first Centos gateway server and now
>>setting up another server on internal network.
>>I thought it would be nice to use the gateway servers
>>"/var/cache/yum" as a local repository for any internal servers
>>since it would be up to date with the lastest packages and save
> It will only contain those updates for packages that are installed on the 
> system. And usually a gateway system only has a minimum set of packages.

That's all I wanted.

> If you look for an integrated solution, you could look at Yam:
> 	http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/yam/

I'll take a look, but I thought what I wanted to
do would be do-able.