[Centos] local yum repository

Thu Dec 23 21:45:55 UTC 2004
Ken Godee <ken at perfect-image.com>

>> I thought it would be nice to use the gateway servers
>> "/var/cache/yum" as a local repository for any internal servers
>> since it would be up to date with the lastest packages and save
>> bandwidth.

> <snip>
> It's a better idea to rsync the entire repo.  You can do it with Dag 
> Wieer's YAM, or just rsync.

So do you just keep cleaning your yum cache?

Right now my yum cache is @ 312 meg which if I
rsync'd the repo on the same machine I'd be doubling
for the same files, correct, 624 meg.
I also don't want the whole repo, just the
packages that I'm using.

Arrggg, just thought it would be simple, heck
just easier to keep all servers yum.conf's pointed to a Centos mirror.