[Centos] Problems migrating from WBEL

Thu Dec 30 12:14:50 UTC 2004
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 06:25 -0500, Jason Dixon wrote:
> On Dec 30, 2004, at 4:29 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> > On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 00:03 -0500, Jason Dixon wrote:
> >> Hi folks:
> >>
> >> I've recently migrated one of my production servers (bad Jason!) from
> >> WBEL to CentOS 3.3 using Donavan's instructions in the FAQ
> >> (http://www.centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=19).  While it
> >> was as painless as the document suggests, I've run into problems with
> >> postgrey (a postfix greylisting daemon) on my server.  Whenever I try
> >> to start postgrey, I get the following error (trimmed from maillog):
> >>
> >> ERROR: can't create DB environment: No such file or directory
> >>
> >> A little research led me to find the error was caused by a call to
> >> BerkeleyDB::Env->new() in postgrey.  I can recreate it in a simple 
> >> Perl
> >> one-liner:
> >>
> >> perl -e 'use BerkeleyDB; my $db = BerkeleyDB::Env->new() or die 
> >> "blah";'
> >>
> >> This leads me to believe that something is wrong with db4, so I
> >> upgraded (--force) to the CentOS db4 package.  Unfortunately, this had
> >> no effect.  Speaking with Dag in IRC a couple nights back, he believes
> >> my only recourse may be to "pin" my apt sources and attempt to upgrade
> >> all of my WBEL-based packages to their CentOS counterparts.  I would
> >> really like to avoid this;  if necessary, I think I'd prefer to try 
> >> and
> >> upgrade from the 3.3 ISO.
> >>
> >> Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?
> >
> > I've upgraded more than a dozen machines from WBEL to CentOS-3 ... and 
> > I
> > haven't had any problems.  I don't have the perl module "BerkeleyDB.pm"
> > on any of my machines though...nor is it on my CentOS-4beta "Full
> > Install" machine that I use as a build machine for CentOS-4beta.  What
> > package installs it?
> The perl-BerkeleyDB package over at Dag's repository.  I've tried 
> reinstalling it from source rpm and the db4 package from CentOS, but 
> that doesn't help.
> At this point, I wonder if it would be a magnificent disaster to just 
> download all the base rpm's, the updates rpm's, and just do a massive 
> "rpm -Fvh --force" on everything.

I would think you only need to replace any packages that say .WBx or
whitebox with items from the centos hive ... all the others should be
the same between distros.

I wonder if rebuilding db4 from source on a machine where BerkeleyDB is
installed would have any impact (maybe db4 does something differently
in .configure if it is installed) ... OR maybe install BerkeleyDB from
Actually, I rebuilt from source and installed from Dags repo the package
perl-BerkeleyDB-0.26-1.dag.src.rpm and I get this on CentOS-3.3:

command -> perl -e 'use BerkeleyDB; my $db = BerkeleyDB::Env->new() or
die "blah";'

result -> blah at -e line 1.

so it doesn't work for me either on CentOS 3.3
I am currently rebuilding the db4 srpm...I'll post my results.

Johnny Hughes