[Centos] Problems migrating from WBEL

Thu Dec 30 16:30:50 UTC 2004
Jason Dixon <jason at dixongroup.net>

On Dec 30, 2004, at 11:23 AM, Denis Pilon wrote:

> Args are always a good thing....try the following:
> perl -e 'use BerkeleyDB; my $db = BerkeleyDB::Env->new(-Home =>
> "/var/tmp/", -Flags    =>
> =>
> DB_AUTO_COMMIT|DB_TXN_NOSYNC,) or die "blah";'

That's actually my test script (almost) verbatim.  The "one-liner" was  
an oversimplified version.  This also fails on my system.

> And it now works....i think your postgrey version is old.... did you  
> try
> this version...
> http://www.lfarkas.org/linux/packages/el3/i386/SRPMS/postgrey-1.17 
> -0.src.rpm

Yes, I've also tried that one as well.

I'm curious.  What versions of glibc, kernel and db4 are you currently  

Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting